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Andrew's Dream Museum

Andrew's Dream Museum is a museum guide that tells the story of the In Flanders Fields Museum on children's size.

Andrew is a little boy who lives in Ypres. Just before the new In Flanders Fields Museum opens, Andrew goes on a private visit with his dad. Andrew's dad works at the museum. Andrew is completely overwhelmed by what he sees. The next day, after a restless night, he runs through the house all day, from the shed to the cellar. By the evening, Andrew opens his own Dream Museum in his room.

During the workshop, various objects from Andrew's Dream Museum are put next to authentic material. In combination with numerous testimonies, an introductory story to the First World War is presented.

The workshop is followed by a guided tour in the museum.



2 hours (workshop & museum visit)



15 < 25 p. (1 workshop; 1 guide in museum)
25 < 40 p. (1 workshop; 2 guides in museum)
40 < 50 p. (2 workshops; 2 guides in museum)



€ 90  /  € 145  /  € 180
Museum entrance fee not included

visit (Andrews Dream) Museum