Ypres Salient NORTH 3


We cycle through the northern part of the notorious Ypres Salient. We stop at places where the war has left traces in the landscape, learn about daily life at the front, discover how close to each other the trenches really were and learn about the impact this had on the troops of both sides.

Along the route, the following themes are explored:
British remembrance culture, medical care, archaeology, literature, the role of the landscape, the front, civilians in the war zone

During this excursion, we visit the following sites:

  • Essex Farm, dressing station and British military cemetery
  • Yorkshire Trench & Dugout, reconstructed trench site
  • Klein Zwaanhof, Northern Salient visitors' centre
  • No Man’s Cot, British military cemetery in no-man's-land
  • Turco Farm, a farm with a story
  • Menin Gate, memorial to the missing

The cycle tour is only possible from 1 March to 31 October.

This worksheet helps you to make your museum visit a good introduction to this specific tour.



route plan



3,5 hours



30 persons



€ 140
Museum entrance fee not included

Cycle hire not included

Cycle rental

Ypres Salient NORTH 3