Agenda ’18

Memorial Chairs - Norwich

24-10-2017 - 23-11-2017

The installation consists of five chairs from Passchendaele’s St. Audomarus Church – each representing the casualties of one year of the war 1914 -1918 (which is shown in small lead numbers on the chairs)

The chairs will be accompanied by a beautifully constructed book; the left hand side of each page will be printed with the names of all casualties from the British Isles who died in Belgium, leaving space on the right hand side for personal stories about the Great War to be added. These stories could be about the names in the book, but also about many others.

In all more than 173,000 names will be in the book (1.216 pages with ± 240 names per page).

In the summer of 2018 after a journey of five years and 16 different installations in England, Wales, Scotland and the Scottish Isles, Northern-Ireland, and Ireland, the installation returns to Ypres in July.

The last stories will be collected at St. Martin’s Cathedral, which was completely destroyed during the conflict, and where now a Commonwealth Memorial Tablet reminds us of the special bond that exists between this Cathedral and the people of the British Commonwealth.

On the final day of the project, at the end of August 2018, the five chairs go for one day to the Square where they will be joined in a grand ‘assembly’ with thousands of empty chairs from all over the country and abroad. This final moment of the installation of thousands of empty chairs on the Square in Ypres, will be photographed and filmed from the Bell Tower of the museum. Both empty and occupied, several photographers will document the scale of loss these chairs represent.

All people who have contributed, or who have visited the memorial chairs over the years will be invited to join in this final assembly.

Thereafter the chairs will be presented back to the church in Passendale and the book will remain in the museum and be displayed alongside the (digital) List of Names.

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AssemblyMemorial Chairs - Norwich AssemblyMemorial Chairs - Norwich