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next to Hooge Crater Museum
Meenseweg  467
8902 Zillebeke

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This info-point covers the eastern part of the old Ypres Salient, along both sides of the Meenseweg (Menin Road), from the Zonnebeekseweg (Zonnebeke Road) to Hill 62. It is located in what was once the sanitary block of a small local school that used to be housed in the nearby chapel of remembrance, which now forms part of the Hooge Crater cafe-museum. The complex is near to the rebuilt chateau known as 'Kasteelhof 't Hooghe' and stands opposite the impressive Hooge Crater Cemetery, maintained by the CWGC.

Two specific themes are dealt with in and around this info-point:

  • The formation and evolution of the front

Using unique historical images and archive footage, a film illustrates the chaotic events of the war years that led to the formation of the front in this area and explains the surviving landscape relics that can still be seen on Bellewaerde Ridge.

  • The castles and country estates of the Ieper Salient

Before the war, the countryside around Ieper was dotted with no fewer than 45(!) castles, chateaus and mansions, the majority surrounded by magnificent parks. They were nearly all destroyed during the war years, although many very different traces of their former glory can still be found today. 




From here, a number of walking circuits take the visitor to Bellewaerde Ridge (2.5 km), Hill 62 (6 km) and Sanctuary Wood (8 km).

Easy-to-follow maps and a folder are available to accompany these walks.