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Klein Zwaanhof Farm
Kleine Poezelstraat
8904 Boezinge

1/04 - 15/11: 10u - 17u45
16/11 - 31/03: 10u - 16u45



This info-point covers the northern part of the old Ypres Salient from the Ieper-IJzer Canal in Boezinge to Wieltje. It is located in a former farmhouse, which was rebuilt after the Armistice on the site of Klein Zwaanhof along the road known as Kleine Poezelstraat. During the war, this farm was more or less in the centre of the northern sector of the salient. It was here from 22 April 1915 onwards that the fiercest fighting in the Second Battle of Ieper took place. Klein Zwaanhof is now on the edge of the modern industrial estate and therefore quite literally marks the boundary between the built up-area and the surrounding countryside, where many of the relics of war are still preserved in the ground. It is also an area where many of the First World War's most famous literary figures once served.

Three specific themes are dealt with in and around this info-point:

  • The formation and evolution of the front 

A film based on unique historical images and archive footage illustrates the events of the war years, charting the origin and development of the front lines and highlighting the surviving relics, monuments and cemeteries.

  • The archaeology of the war

During the development of the industrial estate more than 200 bodies of First World War soldiers were recovered, together with many thousands of other archaeological finds.

  • The poets of the Salient

Famous poets such as Ernst Jünger (D), Francis Ledwidge (IRE), Edmund Blunden (GB), John McCrae (Can), Robert d'Humières (F), Hedd Wyn and David Jones (Wales) all served along this part of the front.




The farm is the starting point for a walk of some 2.5 kilometres that leads the visitor to the infamous locality known as Caesar's Nose and to the educational site at Yorkshire Trench & Dug-out. Along the way, a series of info-panels attached to the remembrance trees tell the story of how this part of the front came into being. A digital application is available to accompany this walk.

Klein Zwaanhof Klein Zwaanhof