on the western front

01-07-2019 - 30-06-2020

Chinese trench art from the First World War

In 1919 there were thousands of Chinese in Flanders. The Chinese Labour Corps had arrived in 1917 to work for the British Army. After the Armistice the Chinese workers cleared the battlefields and helped in establishing the cemeteries.

Earlier this year the British collector James Brazier donated no less than 27 shell cases engraved by Chinese labourers to the museum. This means that the museum's collection now comprises some 60, which is the largest collection of Chinese trench art from the First World War in the world. They show us mythical figures and symbols, and other typically Chinese motifs.

The dossier exhibition on Chinese trench art will be on display until the end of the year in the large viewing cabinet in the museum café.
On 31 July a new museum file will also be published in which each piece will be depicted and interpreted.

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