Name List

Almost 100 years after the war 'to end all wars' which had an everlasting influence on the Westhoek, our country, Europe and the world, there still is no integrated name list of all the victims who fell in the Westhoek, not to mention the whole of Belgium.

Partial lists, for which great efforts were and are made, are present at various organisations. But irrespective of their good intentions, those lists do not provide an overview. Until today all the victims' lists are a matter of nationality. Each nation involved has registered its own dead at the most. The dead of the other party or even allies are left unnamed. Regional census is totally absent too. If we want to fully grasp the story of the Great War and its impact to the present day, we have to and must dare to look beyond those existing figures.

For all those reasons, the Province West Flanders and the In Flanders Fields Museum have joined forces to create ‘The Name list’. A list of all the fatalities linked to the First World War in Belgium. A unique tool where every victim, irrespective of nationality, both military and civilian, can be found. A list that registers all those involved by name, origin and date (of death and/or remembrance), which provides an easy and clear way to gain better insight in facts occurred in the First World War. The list teaches us more about our common history and the events that shaped our identity.

The Name List will never be complete, but the province of West Flanders and the In Flanders Fields Museum want to achieve a list that approaches historical reality as closely as possible by 2014. An estimated 600,000 victims were mourned in Belgium, out of them more than 550,000 in West Flanders.

Many secondary schools and volunteers have already provided important contributions to the Name list, but many names must still be found. If you wish more information about the Name list project, or you would like to help realising it, please contact us on or ++32(0)57 239 450.

Name List