Letter to pain
Fabrice Samyn

06-07-2019 - 05-01-2020

Correspondence piece VI:
to and from the trenches of life

5 July 2019 – 5 January 2020 

Fabrice Samyn (°1981), artist-in-residence 2019 of the In Flanders Fields Museum, discovered in the collections of the museum 6000 letters from and to soldiers that until now never had been read.

The artist and his group of volunteers, named for the occasion 'the Joy Speleologists' read those letters and identified all sources of joy in the midst of pain and violence.

In the museum Fabrice Samyn built a mailbox in the shape of a dovecote.

Write the museum a letter about your pain and the team of volunteers will answer you, inspired by their work as archivist of the war correspondence. You can post your letter in the museum mailbox, or send it (untill 5 January 2020) to:

Fabrice Samyn
Correspondence piece VI
Sint-Maartensplein 3
BE-8900 Ieper, Belgium
(To protect the confidentiality an privacy, all letters sent to the museum will be destroyed and their content will always be unrevealed)

Letter to painFabrice Samyn