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historiography is not like assembling a jigsaw puzzle
it never ends with one and only one image
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To learn history is not to mock, bewail or hate human action
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Aerial photos 1914-1918

More than 2,500 aerial photographs from World War I are now available online. On the new

you can get to work yourself with this extraordinary archive material. Zoom in on the map of West Flanders and study the overlaying historical photos.

(c) Photo credits: Baptist Coelho; Hervé Veronese; Galerie Saint-Séverin, Paris
15 July 2022 - 31 December 2022

Agar is dharti tay koyi jannat hai, o ay hi hai...

Baptist Coelho

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Baptist Coelho (Mumbai, 1977) is a visual artist from India and is the artist-in-residence at the In Flanders Fields Museum ...

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