Landscape, Form & Psyche

Eva Kot’átková

  • main galleries
  • artist in residence


On a proposal by curator Johan Tahon and his team, the In Flanders Fields Museum invited Czech artist Eva Kot’átková as artist-in-residence in 2016. This year, after all, the residence will be part of the group exhibition ‘Landscape, Form & Psyche’, a part of the project ‘Menin Road - Ypernstrasse’ set up by the municipalities Menen, Wervik, Zonnebeke and Ypres.

For her poetic and at the same time alienating work, characterized by many associations and a good pinch of surrealism, Eva works with a wide range of materials and techniques: installations, photography and video, collage, performance,... She deals with profound issues in a seemingly playful way.

Late last year, the artist spent some time in Ypres to familiarise herself with the museum and the various sub-collections housed in the Research Centre. That inspired her to two new installations:

  • Room-Trap or Database of Tormented Objects
  • Documents of Violent Actions
        that (maybe) Happened Last Week

In both installations the artist intertwines the presentation of historic events associated with the First World War, with scenes and objects that bear witness to violence in everyday life, in living rooms or in public places.

The catalog is available in the webshop.