More force than necessary

Rodrigo Braga

  • main galleries
  • artist in residence


In 2010 the In Flanders Fields Museum invites the young Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga as Artist in Residence. Born in Manaus in 1976, Rodrigo Braga lives and works in Recife, where he studied Fine Arts at the Federal University of Pernambuco between 1998 and 2002. With high-profile photographs, performances and short films, he has since created work that leaves no one unmoved. It stimulates imagination and curiosity, raises questions and can be interpreted in different ways. He himself and the Brazilian fauna and flora play a leading role in this. In addition to several successful solo exhibitions, his photographs and films are eagerly selected and highly valued at thematic group exhibitions.

Between 10 March and 4 May 2010 Rodrigo Braga stayed in Ypres, armed with his camera, laptop and a brand new sketchbook. Enthusiastic but also a little reserved, because this was his first time to work around an imposed theme. He made a total of sixteen works, each of which stands alone but can also be read as a mutilated story. Not only did he create a series of new photographs and films; he also integrated and edited original visual material and is the first artist to use objects from the museum's reserves in his work.

The catalog is available in the webshop.