Raoul Servais

Memories of War

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  • temporary exhibition


It is said that those who have lived through war are forever changed. Raoul Servais (Ostend, 1928), the internationally award-winning Belgian filmmaker and animator, experienced World War II as a young lad. He escaped death on several occasions. He also grew up with memories of World War I through the stories of his mother and uncles. Both wars defined Servais' life. They made him an uncompromising pacifist and were an inexhaustible source of inspiration for his work as a filmmaker, animator and visual artist.

With Raoul Servais and Raoul Servais Collection, the In Flanders Fields Museum put together an exhibition focusing on the theme of war in his life and work. In addition to projecting the short films Chromophobia (1965), Operation X-70 (1971), Tank (2015) and the recent Der Lange Kerl (2022), the expo includes drawings, paintings and objects from the Servais collections. Servais' interpretation of the subject matter looks timeless and confidently joins the chorus of voices against war.