In Flanders Fields Museum
Grote Markt 34
BE 8900 Ieper

  • by train

Station Ieper
René Colaertplein 35

You can also visit the museum with a B-Dagtrip.

From the station to the Grote Markt you walk about 10 minutes. Or you can rent a Blue-Bike or take the centrumbus.

  • by public bus

Several buslijnen hhave a stop in the centre of Ypres.

  • by bike

Fietsknooppunt 89 will take you to the Grote Markt.

  • parking in Ypres

Parking on the Grote Markt is paying, except on Sundays and public holidays.

Free parking is available on the Minneplein, at the Rijselpoort, or behind the station (parking Tulpenlaan).

For buses there is a kiss & ride parking on the Vandenpeereboomplein. Long-term parking is available at the reserved spaces along the Oudstrijderslaan.