Personal stories

In the In Flanders Fields Museum every visitor can follow in the footsteps of a character from the Great War. With your poppy bracelet with built-in RFID chip, you can follow two people who experienced the First World War during your visit.

The acquisition of original, published or digital ego documents, the sources for these personal stories, is huge. Staff, volunteers or students subject these sources to historical research and edit them into personal stories, ready for publication in the museum.

Here are some of the personal stories that can be followed in the museum.

>    Marguerite Salenbien
>    Charles Snelling
>    Cecil Stacey
>    Adolf Weitkunat

State of affairs

The database in the museum currently contains about 600 biographies. In the course of 2021, the digital publication of personal stories in the museum will be thoroughly reviewed. At the same time, additional stories will be edited, based on hundreds of personal files collected in recent years.

What we are (still) looking for

  • Do you still have in your family stories, documents or objects from people who experienced the war in Belgium?
  • Are you interested in the registration, reconstruction and editing of personal stories? We gladly accept voluntary help!

project management

Annick Vandenbilcke
0032 (0) 57 239 450