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Living Memory Business Club Sponsorship

The Living Memory Business Club brings together companies that are committed to the three museums. With their financial contribution they help In Flanders Fields Museum, Yper Museum and Merghelynck Museum to realise exhibitions and projects that welcome a broad public. Together they create a lasting added value for the living and working climate in Ypres and the surrounding area. The participating companies appreciate the social relevance of the three museums. They associate themselves with a high-level cultural institution, show their social commitment, expand their network and make use of the facilities of the three museums in the Cloth Hall. The employees or relations of the participating companies are inspired by visits to the permanent and temporary exhibitions, special activities, guided tours and meetings.

For more information about the various forms of membership and the advantages associated with it, please feel free to contact us.

Founding Partners

VIFF - Friends of the In Flanders Fields Museum

The Friends of the In Flanders Fields Museum want to contribute to the search for, the making known and the insight into the mechanisms of war and peace. Different approaches and emphases may be dealt with, in a sustained willingness to listen to each other's points of view. To this end, the Friends provide their own programme, far removed from the classical, official or glorious discourse.

In addition, the Friends support the functioning and activities of the museum, and cooperate in the Research Centre.

The association currently has almost 600 members, an important number of whom come from abroad. Member contact is maintained through a quarterly magazine.