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Centre for Historical and Archaeological Aerial Photography

The In Flanders Fields Museum, the University of Ghent (Archaeology Study Group) and the Province of West Flanders set up the Centre for Historical and Archaeological Aerial Photography. Within the framework of this centre, the three partners work together on matters relating to historical aerial photographs from the First World War.

The In Flanders Fields Museum possesses an extensive collection of historical aerial photographs, both in its museum displays and in the Research Centre. These 20,000 photographs cover the entire front zone of the First World War and also large parts of the area behind the front.


These images offer unique opportunities for scientific and academic research and for the museological and touristic enhancement of historical sites on the former battlefields of the First World War. They are also a vital source of information for spatial planning and heritage management.

As the last survivors who experienced the war personally have all passed away, the present-day landscape is now more than ever the last witness of this conflict. For this reason, it is of incalculable value. In addition, the potential usefulness of archaeological aerial photographs and large historical archive collections of such photographs (post-WWI) is being further exploited.

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