11 November Lecture

Koen Aerts

  • CC Het Perron, Ypres
  • lecture


Ypres City of Peace, 
the Flemish Peace Institute 
and the In Flanders Fields Museum 
commemorate the end of World War I with a 

11 November Lecture

History does not repeat itself. Nevertheless, a historical diagnosis can certainly help to orient us in a stress situation such as we experience it today. How do people survive in the plate tectonics of war and peace? How do you build or maintain a democratic society in a world under high tension?

According to historian Koen Aerts (UGent, CegeSoma), previously responsible for the scientific supervision of the widely acclaimed television series Children of the Collaboration and Children of the Resistance, the key lies in our imagination. Together with the wind quintet Bois de Vivre, he will embark on a fascinating journey through historical images, art and music.  His quest: to inspire us - even today - to steer our democracy - and all the different opinions and voices within - into a peaceful direction.


  • Welcome by Piet Chielens, Coordinator of IFFM
  • Speech by Emmily Talpe, Mayor of Ypres
  • 11 November lecture by Koen Aerts & the wind quintet Bois de Vivre
    (lecture in Dutch, English text available)

When & where

Tuesday 10 November 2020
at 8.30 pm
Het Perron (Fochlaan 1, Ypres)


via the Flemish Peace Institute

The organization adheres to the government measures with regard to Covid-19.
Therefore, exceptionally no reception will be organized this year.