The grass that waves

o’er Englishmen in Flemish graves

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In Flanders Fields Museum and the School of History and Gateways Partnership, University of Kent, in partnership with the Western Front Association, present a new series of open seminars on the history of the First World War, free and open to all.


The grass that waves o’er Englishmen in Flemish graves
the Great War and British visions of Flemish landscapes
Prof. Mark Connelly
& Dr. Helen Brooks (University of Kent)

The British had a vision of the landscapes and people of West Flanders long before the guns were first heard on the Western Front. These imaginings were brought to the trenches where they were confronted with the appalling realities of modern war. This process created new interpretations in art and literature which drew upon the pre-1914 imaginings. Regardless of the state of destruction, British troops realized there was something distinctive about the Flemish landscape and often compared it with home and other sections of the Western Front, particularly the rolling chalk downlands of the Somme region. Using poetry, novels, paintings, and cemeteries and memorials this talk will explore British interpretations of the Flemish landscape, the qualities they saw in it, and how that landscape has helped shaped British visions of the entire conflict.


Thursday 2 March 2023
at 7pm
educational room IFFM (Cloth Hall, Grote Markt, Ieper)