That wide blue vault of sky...

nowhere wider than in the Flemish plain

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In Flanders Fields Museum and the School of History and Gateways Partnership, University of Kent, in partnership with the Western Front Association, present a new series of open seminars on the history of the First World War, free and open to all.


That wide blue vault of sky...
R.H. Mottram and British visions of Flanders
Prof. Mark Connelly
& Dr. Helen Brooks (University of Kent)

During the course of the conflict British soldiers were constantly exposed to the landscapes and people of Flanders. For many the sights of ‘the wet Flanders plain’ were curious and novel. However, others saw something familiar and reflected on the links between Britain and Flanders. The most acute observer of those similarities and differences was R.H. Mottram. Now largely forgotten, in the twenties and thirties Mottram was a hugely influential writer and his reflections on Flanders were praised for their insight and understanding. This talk will place Mottram’s work into the context of other British interpretations of Flanders, while also revealing his unique approach and determination to reveal the heart of Flanders to the English-speaking world.


Thursday 26 January 2023
at 7pm
educational room IFFM (Cloth Hall, Grote Markt, Ieper)