Commemorating Ireland

in the Ypres Salient since 1917

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In Flanders Fields Museum and the School of History and Gateways Partnership, University of Kent, in partnership with the Western Front Association and the St. George’s Memorial Church, present a new series of open seminars on the history of the First World War, free and open to all.


Commemorating Ireland
in the Ypres Salient since 1917
Dr Timothy Bowman (University of Kent) 

Commemoration of troops from the island of Ireland takes many forms in former Ypres Salient. The talk will explore that great range from individual memorials, including the wartime burial of Major William Redmond, M.P., killed in action at the Battle of Messines / Mesen in 1917, to those designed to commemorate particular military units and communities, as well as the entire island of Ireland in the form of the Peace Tower at Messines/Mesen in the 1990s.


thursday 23 November 2023
at 7 pm
educational room IFFM (Lakenhallen, Grote Markt, Ieper)