Pilgrimage and Tourism

along the Western Front

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In Flanders Fields Museum and the School of History and Gateways Partnership, University of Kent, in partnership with the Western Front Association and the St. George’s Memorial Church, present a new series of open seminars on the history of the First World War, free and open to all.


'The light bulb moment when the penny drops'
Pilgrimage and tourism along the Western Front
Amy Harrison (PhD student, University of Kent) 

As the Great War moves ever further into the past, our relationship with the memorial landscape has changed. The modern Western Front exists now as both a site of pilgrimage and a site of tourism; visitors benefit from a highly developed tourist infrastructure alongside remaining war landscape and iconic memorials and cemeteries. This talk will explore ‘’the light bulb moment when the penny drops’ and the experiences which link pilgrims of the present with pilgrims of the past.


thursday 18 January 2024
at 7 pm
educational room IFFM (Lakenhallen, Grote Markt, Ieper)