Reclaiming the Salient

Resurrecting the Battlegrounds

  • vleeshuis, Ypres
  • book launch


Roger Steward is a Brit who has been a professional guide in Ypres for many years. The two questions he faces most often during a tour are: "Are many explosives still found and what happens to them?" and "What happens when human remains of war victims are found now?"

To provide comprehensive and nuanced answers to those questions, Roger published the book

Reclaiming the Salient
Resurrecting the Great War Battlegrounds of Flanders Fields

In the firtst part of the book, recounts the search for the missing is recounted, from the Graves Registration Units during the war to the 'war detectives' of today. The second part focuses on the handling of unexploded ammunition in Flanders, with a comprehensive history and description of DOVO's work.


  • 30 November 2023
  • at 7 pm
  • Vleeshuis, Ypres