Baptist Coelho

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Artist in Residence 2022

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Baptist Coelho's first monograph is an overview of his works from 2006 to date. It includes a selection of fifty-six artworks, ten essays in English by academics, curators, historians, a mountaineer, and a conversation with the artist. The book is edited by Cécile Bourne-Farrell and Dominiek Dendooven, and assisted by Paul Griffiths (UK). The book consists of three main chapters: India and the World WarsSiachen Glacier Conflict and Resilience.

The book commences with an introductory essay by Vivienne Jabri. Chapter one titled, India and the World Wars, consists of five essays and artworks. The first essay by Dominiek Dendooven provides a historical reference to India and its contribution to the Great War. Essays by Odile Burluraux and Annette Becker cover various multimedia artworks produced by the artist in reference to this chapter. The essay by Santanu Das elaborates on Indian soldiers in a make-shift hospital in Brighton, UK. The contribution by Kris Imants Ercums’s maps artistic interventions by Baptist at the In Flanders Fields Museum, Ieper.

In the second chapter, Siachen Glacier Conflict, the text by Harish Kapadia navigates the background behind the conflict. An essay by Savita Apte covers a selection of multi-media artworks on the Siachen glacier. Resilience is the last chapter of the book which includes artworks and essays by Cécile Bourne-Farrell and Venka Purushothaman, which expands on the notion of persistence as observed across Baptist’s practise. The book concludes on a conversation with the artist and Aaron Cezar and covers a UK-specific project.

Baptist Coelho was the 2022 artist-in-residence at the In Flanders Fields Museum. This book was published on the occasion of his year-long residency and exhibition at the museum from 15 July 2022 to 8 January 2023.


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    Vivienne Jabri (UK), Dominiek Dendooven (BE), Odile Burluraux (FR), Annette Becker (FR), Santanu Das (UK), Kris Imants Ercums (USA), Harish Kapadia (IN), Savita Apte (SG), Cécile Bourne-Farrell (UK, FR)
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    In Flanders Fields Museum
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