Request for a schoolgroup (aged 16 - 18)

Thank you for considering the museum's opening hours & closing days when making your request.

When requesting a visit you can indicate

  • whether you want to climb the belfry
  • whether you prefer an audio guide
  • whether you like to have a picnic or lunch in the museum café

Together with your visit, you can choose as educational program

  • either a fixed day trip
  • or particular educational activities
  • for all tours, you must provide your own bus or bicycles

educational program 16 - 18 year

If you, as a teacher, would like to be kept informed
about new activities or temporary offers,
leave your name in the educational service address book.

address book

- the schoolgroup entrance fee applies from 15 persons
- per 15 group members you get 1 free ticket for the party leader
- entrance to the museum is not included in the prices of the educational program
- a museum visit should be booked at least two weeks in advance
- book an educational programme at least one month in advance
- your booking is final upon receipt of the written confirmation
- your written confirmation contains all the information concerning your visit
- you can cancel your group visit according to certain conditions


LEADER of the group

WISHES for your visit

We take your wishes into account as much as possible, but also the bookings of other groups. If your request cannot (completely) be planned according to your wishes, we will contact you ourselves.

DAGTRIP (16 - 18)



After submitting your request
you will find a copy
in your mailbox.