exploration tour

With the exploration tour, you walk along 40 listening points through the museum. If you follow this numbered route, you automatically explore the entire exhibition. Listening to all the fragments on this tour takes you about an hour.

You don't have to choose explicitly or exclusively for this tour: with the podcatcher you can also listen to the stops of the in-depth tour or the children's story.

in-depth tour

For 31 objects and themes in the exhibition, the audio guide provides additional information or interpretation. In this in-depth tour, staff members of the knowledge centre and specialists from Belgium and abroad speak out.

With the cooperation of:
Gaynor Johnson, Stefan Goebel, Nel de Mûelenaere, Mark Connelly, Virginia Crompton, Nic Saunders, Ulf Schmidt, Leo van Bergen, Anton Ervynck, Jean Bourgeois, Sophie de Schaepdrijver, Jay Winter, Andrew Bamji, Philippe Oosterlinck, Kristof Haneca, Julian Putkowski, Bruno De Wever, Rudi Vranckx, and Simon Verdegem.

children's tour

The audio guide for children is a continuous story in 18 chapters. In a narrative way, the extensive exhibition is reduced to a few very concrete objects or telling historical facts.

The text of the story was written by illustrator and youth writer Gerda Dendooven, in collaboration with the museum's educational team.