educational program 10-12 years

at school

in advance

Do you come as a teacher with a class group? Then don't forget to book your visit. On presentation of your booking confirmation, you can come and prepare your visit free of charge, or make an appointment with the educational service to discuss your own ideas or proposals. You can also request the correction keys for the exercise sheets from them.


browse & read

Andrew's Dream Museum was written for children from all over the world by authors who grew up as children in the front region around Ypres. With this book children can prepare or relive a visit to the In Flanders Fields Museum in a fascinating way.


introduction to Andrew

To prepare your visit to the In Flanders Fields Museum, an educational package has been put together based on Andrew's Dream Museum. You will find explanations about the book, our educational program, and a guide to visit the museum



at work with Andrew

With a little note & scrapbook based on Andrew's Dream Museum pupils can work independently in the museum. Andrew guides them through the exhibition. Very recognizable for those who have read the book in advance or in the classroom, a trigger for those who don't know it yet.

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You can have the booklets readily printed for your pupils at the entrance desk.

€ 0,50/piece


Andrew's Dream Museum

Andrew is enchanted when he visits the In Flanders Fields Museum with his dad (who works there). The next day he runs all day through the house and from the shed to the cellar. With what he collects he opens his own Dream Museum in the evening.

During the workshop, recognizable objects from Andrew's museum are juxtaposed with objects and stories from the First World War.

€ 35


Andrew's guided visit

After the workshop you can also make a guided visit to the museum with Andrew. Dre knows the place and leads you to his favourite objects and stories.

€ 90 (< 25p.)
€ 145 (< 40p. / 2 guides)


guided visit

With a silent system, an educational guide takes your party through the museum. The guided tour lasts one hour, but be sure to allow some time to explore the museum on your own afterwards.

€ 55


childrens' audiotour

A continuous story in 18 chapters takes your class in a narrative way to specific objects and telling places in the exhibition. The text was created by the Belgian writer Gerda Dendooven.

€ 2 /pp.


day trip

the Salient Illustrated

The British cartoonist Dave Chisholm produced a large landscape illustration of the Ypres Salient northern battlefield. A hundred iconic soldiers -all doing their bit- vividly establish the war situation. In the midst of the scenery is the authentic and preserved site of Yorkshire Trench & Dugout.

During the afternoon tour, the imaginatory interpretation is led back to reality by means of historical photographs, witness accounts, and archaeologic discoveries.

10.00 am: guided museum visit
11.00 am: individual continuation of the visit
11.30 am: lunch
12.30 pm: visit to Essex Farm Cemetery
1.00 pm: workshop at Klein Zwaanhof
2.00 pm: guided walk
- 2 km in the northern Salient
- tablet display of photos & illustration details
- visit to Colne Valley Cemetery
- visit to Caesar's Nose
- visit to Yorkshire Trench & Dugout

€ 160 (< 25 ppl. with 1 guide)
€ 320 (26 < 50 ppl. with 2 guides)
museum visit & lunch not included



guided tours

Jeanne Mesdom

Jeanne Mesdom was 11 years old when the war took hold of her city and her family. The places where she and her family were hiding before they left the city are still there. On the way, she tells how her mother fell ill and her sister was wounded.

€ 70


the empty chair

When war broke out, the family table looked completely different from one day to the next: the chair where daddy, son or brother was sitting was empty. From then onwards days were counted, hoping that the familiar place at the table would soon be taken up again. Children who, in the meantime, were looking for words for their lack, tell their story along the way.

30 km, among others:
- Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery
- Yorkshire Trench & dug-out
- Soldatenfriedhof Langemark
- Menin Gate Memorial

€ 105


a multicultural war

The war brought together populations from all parts of the world in the Westhoek. Even if they were on the same side, they were not always treated equally. Moreover, from their own culture they 'd brought their own (religious) customs. So local people often drew big eyes and sometimes living together was not easy.

vlog >

18 km, among others:
- Bedford House Cemetery
- Hill 60 & Caterpillar
- Nécropole St. Charles de Potyze
- Menin Gate Memorial

€ 105


exploring the area

Menin Gate

Worksheet for a visit to the Menin Gate.


a British cemetery

Worksheet for a visit to a British cemetery (no specific site is focused on).



Worksheet for a visit to the French military cemetery of Ypres (Zonnebeekseweg, 8900 Ypres).


Soldatenfriedhof Langemark

Worksheet for a visit to the German military cemetery of Langemark (Klerkenstraat, 8920 Langemark-Poelkapelle).